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*Sale*Kids LED All Viz waistcoat


We all know that awful moment when one minute your child is right next to you and the next minute they have bolted.
With our Kootchy All Viz vest not only will it help you be able to spot your child but should they decide to bolt near a busy road and the light be beginning to fade it will also enable any passing car to see your child.  All types of high visibility clothing helps but Kootchy All Viz just offers you that little bit more.
Our bright LED lighting front and back ensures that they can be safe and seen no matter how dark your environment is.
Lights can be static, slow flashing or fast flashing with the advantage of being USB rechargeable so no batteries to change. All items are provided with a usb charging cable.

Our child's vest comes in sizes small and medium.
We do also have an adults small vest as well should you require a larger size. This adults one does come in larger sizes so feel free to message us if you are looking for something bigger. It does include breathable panels under the arm so is more expensive because of this and the larger size.  
We have lots of other LED items and reviews on our website and facebook page - Kootchy Products.
This is one review we received recently: 

Bought the high viz vest for our son originally to use at a public event so if we got separated I could spot him quickly, I was so impressed that we now use it through out the darker months especially on the school run, our son has ASD & we live near & main road, he's a bit of a "bolter" it gives us great reassurance that should he get away from us not only us but other passers-by & anyone driving could spot him immediately. An absolute bargain for peace of mind! Would recommend to any parent/carer & we will ordering the next size up when needed. 5 stars!    Vicki-lee

* Child's safety vest
Waterproof material
Small -  chest 28",  (age approx under 5)
Medium -  chest width 30"  (age approx 5-8)