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KP15 Child's LED boards


Kootchy Products are very pleased to introduce our brand new style of children's LED board . This board's frame is 16mm thick (compared to our original LED board which is 8mm thick) and has
rounded corners.
This board is currently available in 30 by 40cm or 40 by 60cm has an acrylic front panel .
Accessories include power plug, remote control, cleaning cloth, hanging chain and usb adapter, plus 6 liquid chalk pens.
This fantastic LED board will delight any child or adult as drawings light up on either a single colour mode or various flashing settings which can be changed via the remote control.

Our LED boards have had a fantastic response from children and adults alike and are also an amazing sensory special needs product.
All our products have CE and ROHS certificates.

Please note that should you wish to make your board more portable we do sell rechargable battery packs in our accessories section.